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The Fondation for the Children of Impaired Vision Magyar
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I would like to present, a Caritative Fondation to you. The aim of this Fondation is to help efficiently the children of impaired vision in Hungary. This Fondation was created 21 years ago by Mr.Lajos Péntek and he took charge of his companions affair, who are in misfortune, putting behind his own troubles.

The Fondation support continously those children, who are studing well and have future plans, and have no vision at all or partly of the world around them.

The Fondation for the Chidren of Impaired Vision has a bank account in Hungary at the Commercial and Credit Bank (K&H). The number of the account is: 10200823-22213619-00000000.

The Fondation is accessible on the following e-mail adresse:

You must have already experienced that one picture is capable of giving more information than one thousand words. People who can see may view the happenings of our world in process, for them these experiences of the images are natural. If we think it over, we can see millions of images in our life, so we can say that we receive an impressive big amount of information by our eyes. This quantity of information influences our life at work and also our entertainment.

People of impaired vision can only get these information indirectly. They are in a more difficult situation because of their injured vision and also have disadvantageous consequences concerning their quality of life.

We can help to compensate it partly with assuring them the equipments they can have good use of in practice. We are waiting for the help of sigheted persons for the widely realisation of this purpose.

The Fondation for the Children of Impaired Vision is open, so apart from the personal donations the Fondator is waiting for the help of other Fondations, Caritative Associations and Groups with pleasure.

 01. julius 2002.  Budapest.
Balázs Sipos


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Péntek Lajos
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